My paranoia coming back

I’m getting paranoid again. Our neighbours on the one side moved out and the house stood empty, then the maintenance men came and went. Then recently there has been a station wagon pulling up outside with ‘Easy Painting Waterproofing’ written on it. Simply just the painting guys. But then they began to work after hours and on a Sunday. Last night they left, and three cars pulled up with men, women and children in, and they all went into the house. Later they left and the painter guys returned, they stayed overnight, and my husband was getting upset because they made banging noises in the night. Didn’t bother me, because it wasn’t incessant. he wanted me to find out what was going on. but I refused. I got paranoid. maybe they weren’t painter guys, maybe they had guns? Maybe they were dealing in drugs or something, not that I saw anyone else come in the house besides the large family of the previous night. I don’t know if it’s my sz playing up or just a natural paranoia for an unusual situation. I mean, why would painters stay overnight?

Who knows? Maybe they were behind schedule and worked a graveyard shift. I don’t really know a solution. Maybe next time you see a family, go over strike up a conversation and causally mention the painters and ask if they are working nights. Be friendly. Do you live in a bad neighborhood or something where drug dealers are that obvious? On the other hand if they REALLY WERE drug dealers it could make them angry if you go snooping into their business.

Sometimes painters are expected to work at odd hours.

I just realised that the painters ARE the new neighbours. They making quite a lot of noise, though, and my husband is getting irritated. They seem to be a lot of people, and have a baby as well. Hope things don’t get worse, and that the bumping noises will die down… Hoping its just because they are cleaning and moving things.