My only wish

Do your best rest leave to God.

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Not even close. I am not even in school yet!

Will do. I’ll try not to worry.

Consider our bodies merely as cloth or machine. We need to operate it as best we can do. We can’t complain our machine with others as we need to live with it. Also this machine is not permanent for any. After some time we all leave our machine and what left is soul alone.

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My body is already malfunctioning lol

My doctor is expecting me to get worse as time goes on but I’m not giving up yet!

MD can’t beat me. I’m not letting it.

Me too almost like that my catatonia is worsening. I am progressing to full blown catatonia but trying my best to remain functional.

I don’t have catatonia but I have symptoms similar to dystonia (not AP related). My body twists a lot, even though I quit meds. I’ve had it for some time now.

The sad part is i am experiencing catatonia from early age probably before 5 years. Now i am 32 years old and catatonia progressively worsening every week. I not even realized its catatonia until recently. Anyway catatonia doesn’t able to stop my school, graduation etc.

I too had dystonia symptoms mainly pots, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Certain medications and supplements can bring this. I took vitamin b12 daily for about a month and i experienced this. after stopping it it went away. also correcting my vitamin d deficiency reduced pots. Also elevating head during sleep helped.

@laetitia how old are you ?

24 years old. 151515

You are too young have probably 20 years at least if you have good prognosis.thats a long time

It depends on my respiratory system. Apparently the lungs are muscles too. I’ll have to see, but I am staying optimistic.