My only wish

…is to die before my mother and my father. That way, I won’t die alone.
Before I die, I want to become a psychologist and help people and volunteer until I die.


That is up to my disorder to decide. I’ll see.

I use to want to make a difference in the world but the world has foregone. 70 percent of all tests performed at a hospital are unnecessary and ordered for liabilities to keep the lawyers at bay. Police officers have quotas that’s why prisons are full of innocent people. Individuals have good intentions and a majority of them are honest and believe in family. It’s the institutions that are corrupt.

I’m a misanthrope so I don’t believe in people, but I still want to help them, especially the mentally ill.
I still wish I can die early though.

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No doubt. “Control or be controlled.”

Are you suicidal? @ninjastar we need you

Why would you say this? She’s suicidal mate.

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Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz meree.

I’m not. I have a degenerative condition which means I’ll die younger than most people.
I’m just being sensible to my own fate. I just don’t want my mom to feel sad or burdened.

I apologize if you didn’t mean anything bad by it but I think she’s suicidal honestly.

Please read what I wrote above. People think I’m suicidal when I’m talking about my condition, which I’m not.

Now that you mention it, looks likely.

I don’t think that a suicidal person says that they want to become a psychologist before they die, unless they are very close to graduation from their psychology degree.

What advice you give to a person who have exactly your condition whether its degenerative disease or other issues?

I think we are all here for a purpose and is to support each other and also support the future generation who have similar health conditions. If we quit life what message we give to them? Yes we need to live with what we all got and not let the disease stop us from living. Go as far as we can.

I would advise them to go for their life as long as they can. That’s what I’m planning to do.

I want to be a psychologist, help people, volunteer, and then die in peace. I want to help people.

I just don’t want to die alone though- that’s my main fear. All I have is my brother after I die because I’m not planning to marry.

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Not think of future instead live in the present as we can’t say what will happen tomm or in future.

People remember us that this guy or girl lived this far though he or she had this terrible disease and that’s a great achievement.

I have no desire to die. That said, I’m not afraid of death.

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Still, I am worried about how early I will die. I want to accomplish something before I die. My disease is very cruel and in some types of it, it kills people as early as in their 30s. I’ve been told I have a good prognosis but I am not so sure.

Do your best rest leave to God.

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