My one year goal

I try to read the book, Sinuhe the Egyptian, 779 pages in one year. I just read a few paragraphs at each time because I do not have enough concentration to read many pages at each reading time. I bought this book at one flea market and it was 4 euros. It is the fourth edition printed in 1946.


What is the name of the Movie?

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The Egyptian 1515

We have thousands of movies on our television, but not one called The Egyptian . . . .

I googled the movie, and it was made in 1954, so you may not be able to get it unless you buy it from somewhere that has it on dvd or something

I borrowed the movie from our library. I think that the book is better than the movie. So you may able to borrow it.

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Oh ok. I forgot about checking the library. Ours has movies too

Here on YouTube is the whole movie.


@Zannah , @Jayster How did you like the movie? I thought the movie was good, but the book is better. I have read 55 pages of the book and it tells about Sinuhe’s youth and how he went to study in the House of Life, It has 779 pages and I have a lot to read. It is in Finnish.

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I find a book is almost always better than a movie. When you read the book you use your mind and your own imagination, it’s your own personal experience. When you watch a movie, not only do they leave out a lot of details from the book, but it’s an interpretation of the book from someone else’s mind and someone else’s imagination.

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I still haven’t found it yet. I don’t want to buy it.

You can watch the YouTube video that I posted earlier. I rarely buy books but I bought this book at one flea market. It was four euros.

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Cool. Thanks! I didn’t realize it was the whole movie

@mjseu Thank you for the link! I’ve been away a couple days and was happy to come home to your message. You tube’s video quality is poor, but the audio is fine.

I’m just thinking that watching this movie was part of my childhood. After all, in 1954 I turned five.

It is now time for me to retire.

I have read now 65 pages, so 714 pages more to read.

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Sinuhe the Egyptian is a good book, somehow it has wisdom that can be used in today’s world. I still have 694 pages to read. The book is very much different from the movie, the Egyptian. I have never read so much about the ancient Egypt.

Kewl. It sounds as if you’ve found something of value.

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