My old stomping grounds: Stanford University

When I was hooked on crack in the late 80’s, I often found myself on Stanford Campus. Incidentily, Stanford University is really a city. But anyway, I hung out at the fraternities and went to parties there. It had it’s own movie theater and I saw that cult classic, “The Lost Boys” there when it first came out. They had a lake on the campus and I often did drugs with other people on the shores.

It was a cool place to hang out; with all the smart beautiful people there. Because if you graduate from Stanford University you pretty much are gurenteed that you will be successful and make a lot of money. But I was just a lowly dishwasher who happen to have schizophrenia (NOBODY knew though). But that ties in to my last adventure there. I was in their psyche ward a few times in 1989, nice spanking clean ward. It was a typical stay: I was miserable. But the counselors used to take us out for coffee at Stanford Mall. Later, I worked there making Japanese take-out. Just reminiscing.