My old computer program is back!

I think Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 has copied my simplicity of UI (User Interface). (just joking)

These were one of many computer programs which I had done in the 90s and early 00s.
(It still can run on 64-bit Windows using DOSBox emulator)


Admin might remove the screenshot with your name in, if it’s your real name?

We can do it, as long as we know it’s @Plumber’s real name.

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What language was it programmed in? I Learnt Pascal at 6th form Collage!

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Yes, it’s my real name, but e-mail address and website are no longer valid.

It’s up to moderator, I don’t mind if that particular screenshot removed. I have public profile and anyone can easily google my full name for more computer programs. None of them really personal.

But I do really mind if my residential address is made known to the public, I am considering to buy WHOIS lookup protection for my domain name.

Yes, Turbo Pascal 7.

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Sorry, not very old, pascal is from 1970.Do you want to rewrite it using C# or others?

Not really. There are many similar freeware available on the Internet. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.
I love MS-DOS for its simplicity and customization.

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Yes, it is very hard. That’s why Java so popular.
I think you need to know template more.
I don’t have many C++ experience though.

We never used a gui in pascal, just command line.

Then went onto using VB!

I did however learn java at uni, but I’m very rusty now!