My old cat

This is my cat who had to be put down last year. He was the best cat I’ve ever known. Great personality and friendly qualities.


Thats seriously a beautiful cat. Sorry you lost him.


What a beauty. How did you get him to smile for the camera? My old cat Soxy just made long meows for my photo shoots.

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He looks like he might have been angora. I had an angora cat and we had trouble with matting.

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Looks like a Maine Coon

It does look like he’s smiling. He was always a happy cat until he got sick last year. My dad took the picture so I don’t know why he was in that pose.

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He had kidney disease.

My dad thinks he was a Norwegian Forest cat.


I lost my darling cat late last year. She was an amazing cat and really, really liked me and not too many other people. She got to 18 years old which was a pretty good clip. Miss her everyday!


My cat was only 12 when he was put down. I wish he would’ve lived many more years. He was a very good companion.

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Iam sorry to hear this I have a cat to that I love

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