My ocd is driving me nuts

So I was talking on Facebook, a women said something about my bad grammar, I told her English is not my native language and a guy came to defend me, well the point is that now I’m over thinking about how to learn English or to not piss off people, seriously I don’t know what to do with my ocd if something happens I can’t stop thinking thousands of possible scenarios. I don’t ask for a solution, im just saying…

I have OCD and it does suck, but I’m pretty sure that risperidone is making it worse!

I cannot take Antidepressants to treat it.

I have some news about ocd, people with ocd have a lot of creativity and can solve problems without even voluntary thinking on them, here is the link

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you said “if something happens”

Something like what this facebook incident?

It sounds like conflict sets it off. I dont use facebook but I have heard it is a place that is notorious for conflict.

maybe limit your time there, if you do spend a lot of time there?

When dealing with computers, phones and tablets, if what they have written on the screen bothers you, then maybe log off.

here is a corny old joke for you-
How does a deaf man avoid an argument?
He just closes his eyes.

Hope you feel better soon.


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