My obsessive thoughts are out of control

I was in the gym, and I was OK until my mind began to obsess with my social anxiety. “What if I look like a moron? What if they are laughing of me?” I had to leave that place, and I know that nobody was doing anything to me but my obsessive thoughts were out of control


Hello @Alan96, I invite you to return to the gym and try again.
Perhaps this time it will get better.

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You should speak to a doctor. I know you tried calling a psych ward directly but that’s not how it works.

You have to speak to a doctor first.

The only thing my pdoc can do is to give me more medication, and that would make me more dumb and slow, and maybe I would become addict to that medication. I don’t want that, I will find the way to be ok as I ever do, I remember when I was taking ativan and it gave me serious sexual problems (like a very higher libido, I felt my heart racing every time I saw a women) Edit: I should’ve wrote dumber and slower instead dumb and slow?

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CBT may help or just any therapy,

Try CBT, yoga, and meditation.
Also try any supplements from the vitamins section here. They said Sarcosine is good. NAC is quite good for obsessive thoughts, I tried it myself and found positive results. Also search for good supplements that may help with obsessive thoughts or SZ. It won’t make you dumb and slow, but rather it will make you active and energetic!

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