My obsession with pens

I have quite the pen collection again. Several years ago though I read in a writing book, don’t buy expensive pens and journals, just get a 99cent bic and a notebook, but, I really like my fancy pens and journals. I mean I don’t buy myself anything else, all my clothes are even from the goodwill. Having said this two things worry me about it from time to time. First, I diin’t like Cross pens until my first psychiatrist gave me an engraved pen so I"d always write and I gave him an engraved clock. I rarely use the black one. Second I watched an FBI criminology presentation about a serial killer who collected pens. pray tell, do any of you have favorite pens? Well, a co worker once brought me a pen from a cruise he went on with his wife it has a ship on it, but it’s not the same as the one from my first doctor. Hope I don’t obsess too much. I’m ok I think went to work today cleaned some we made home made lemonade tonight even.

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I like fancy pens.I used to have the old pens which had just metal tips that you were supposed to dip in an ink bottle to write with. They were my grandfathers and my dads but I got a hold of them when i was just a stupid kid and I used them as toys and eventually lost them. But now my vet gives out free pens at every visit. I usually take about two or three each visit and I have at least 40 of them. I won’t be buying new pens for quite a while. I remember getting one of those clock pens when they first came out. I think I was in the hospital at the time. I thought it was the most fantastic invention ever, lol.

For awhile I ‘collected’ those souvenier pens with the top half clear with some kind of liquid. Had a train, etc that floated down on its groove when you tilted it - and then tilted the other way it floats back. But I tired of that because I didn’t go enough places that had souviniers.

This is by far my favorite pen, the Pilot Precise V5.

My son has a thing with pens and notebooks. It started during his last break and I got him several different types and colors. Different types of notebooks too. One for drawing/doodling, a lined one for notes and others. He will have certain pens for certain notebooks. I consider it a good sign that he is able to get confusing racing thoughts organized and out on paper.

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I’ve had love of stationery products for years and years now. Everything, papers, pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers, protractors, calculators, I love it all. Yes, I’m a nerd.

I wouldn’t mind owning or even just working in a store selling stationery products. Something for me to think about.


My weakness is tiny boxes. I have to open them all. I have to see all of them open. I just have to. My brain won’t stop racing until I do. My sis hates it when we have to pass that little gift shop with all the little boxes in the windows.

But she will spend all day in an office max or office depot if I let her. She will pinch your pen and most likely your stickies.

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I used to carry a pen and notebook wherever I went - now this has been replaced with a smart phone, all my notes are typed into my phone - including a med reminder system