My nuts are frozen

Any volunteers willing to help me thaw out the poor things?



You should move your nuts to sunny California,

I think it’s only in the sixties out there.

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Space heater between the legs. :roll_eyes:


Take a hot bath. It’s the only way I get warmed up when I am cold in the winter.

Out of the blue my body temperature dropped to 95.5 degrees last night!
Thankfully it was temporary.

Pretty scary!

Below 95 degrees is considered hypothermia.

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Walking around as usual without a shirt on in our summer. I feel for you cold peeps. That is bloody cold so no wonder.

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Yikes! Even I would like that much cold, and I love me some cold weather. Having said that, I do not volunteer to help you thaw out. Good luck with that!

man that would freeze your eyeballs probably…stay inside !!

Thank you for providing a Fahrenheit translation for us Yankees. As far as your nuts go stuff em in your cheek for a quick thaw.

But yeah that’s chilly. Hope you have enough coal in the basement and keep those lanterns lit.




I’m glad your temp came back up!

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use a set of underwear instead of trousers it would help on your journey the next time.

Why thanks @Pianogal!

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Keeps dropping…


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Sing twenty verses of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” while doing it, and it will thaw them right out. It’s an old home remedy from my great-grandmother that’s made just for this situation.

Advice from a former Albertan:
Do you have a heat dish? It was a life saver for me when I used it in Calgary.
Also heating pads can help.

Got extra heaters. Got some coffee can heaters ready to go if power goes out. I had a beefed up alternator installed in Vlad the Impala when I purchased him and there’s a second battery in the trunk. I flip a switch on the dash and it jumps the idle up and lets me run a thousand watt inverter off the car if needed. A vehicle makes a great emergency generator.

Okie. Yeah, the weather in Calgary/Alberta is horrible right now! I hope you stay warm. My friends are all in Calgary right now and they are hating this weather so much.