My nieces' are awesome!

:christmas_tree: my nieces’ :girl: :girl:
bought me a star wars ’ christmas count down calendar '…
with chocolate :chocolate_bar: in every window…BONUS !?!
i am so stoked !?!..:smiley:
the negative is i have to wait for the first of december…major bummer !!!
and mrs. sith says i can’t open them all on the same day !!..what the :rage: !?!

i may use a ’ sith ’ mind trick on her . :imp:

take care people of earth :earth_asia:
take care :alien:


Your nieces are so cool!

My niece (4) and nephew (6) got me elf legos for my birthday. My sister just sent me a message that my niece has been going through her Christmas toy catalogs, pointing things out and saying, “Aunt Rhubot would love this!!” Can’t wait for Christmas, I can tell it will be a good one.

Take care :smiley_cat:


your niece and nephew sound awesome… :girl: :boy:
i love going into the toy section of big stores… :european_post_office:
there are so many cool :snowman: toys…
who wants to be an adult !?!.. :scream:
" not me ! “
” may the force be with you "
take care :alien:


Very cool.

Glad you have a good day lined up.

My niece and nephew also brighten my day. Looking forward to spending some of the Christmas break with them…

Love taking them to the aquarium… They get pretty hyper over the sharks and of course the octopus.
:octopus: :fish: :frog: :whale2:


‘No’ means ‘not now, maybe later while you’re not watching’ in cat speak.


I have some younger cousins who are fun and funny. They like for me to lift them up and spin them in the air. It’s quite a workout, that and they like to play “rocket ship” where I pick them up hold them as high as I can. I also am asked to play “bumpitty bump” where I get on all fours and they ride on my back and I buck like a bull. On a soft surface, not hardwood floor.

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That’s a great sith present !

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