My nick name for gambling is

my gambling nick name is ‘‘the one hit wonder’’ playing roulette

my dad’s gambling nick name is ‘‘cliff hanger’’


I like gambling. I like playing blackjack when the waitresses come over and bring free drinks. It’s a little confusing to learn the procedure; when to put your money down, where to put your money down, when to look at your cards, when to ask for a hit.

poker is really hard to play live but i usually get all the bets math right, because they don’t straight out tell you the bets so it’s on the fly, each round to find how much you are betting into the pot per street.
of course than you have to figure out your opponents hand and the board texture and your table image.
but it’s rather good. when i get a house i’ll play more often but i’m so far away no way am i catching a 1.5hr train to sit there for 6 hrs to wait around for 3hrs for the morning 1.5hr train home and a taxi i’m not doing that anymore.