My Next Book!

So just doing my browsing on amazon for my kindle and saw Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky for $2.99 Aussie. Like it’s a classic I’ve never read so the price is right.

I am reading some Russian literature next and I’m loving my kindle. I try to read every night and am up to a couple of chapters at least. I like how the kindle gets used to your pace and tells you how many minutes you’ve got to go in your chapter. It’s really handy if your getting tired like I do…If it’s a 20 minute chapter and zyprexa is kicking in I will leave it for tomorrow.


I read most of it. Can’t remember why I couldn’t finish it. It’s a good book.

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I’ve got an e-reader too.
I avoid reading too long books…
Well done reading books like these! :blush:

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I read Crime and Punishment a long time ago and loved it


I have this, too. I bought it for 0.49€ or 0.99€ when I got my eBook Reader. I have an Tolino Page 2. I had two Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader’s, it was probably 6 or 8 years ago when I had my last Kindle.

I must find out if I can go back to reading with practice.

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My writing and reading is improving. I noticed my posts have more words and i read longer posts or whole threads. It seems my concentration is getting better. I have a dr.who book and i randomly open it and read a bit somewhere in the book. Its fun.:grinning:

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