My new watch is giving me a rash

My new watch that I ordered from Amazon is giving me a rash on my left wrist where I strap it on.
I’m so bummed because now I have to return it.
No more watches for me, from now in I’ll continue using my iPhone for the time.

Oh well, lesson learned



I accidentally deleted my reply to you. Sorry about that

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That’s ok @naminori
Alls good :slightly_smiling_face:

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It may depend on how well you love this watch, but they make a product called Nickel Guard (or my brother used to just use clear nail polish). You put a coat on the offending metal and it protects the skin and thus no rash. My brother had to coat his belt buckles because of a metal allergy. Just an option if you really really love the watch but need to protect your skin from the metal.


Ok thanks for that info @CrazyPlantLady but I think that I’m going to return it.
No more watches for me.
I like using my phone

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You could try a different band material. I where most mine on fabric. They have rubber, fabric, and leather.

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I think that it might be the watch face that I’m allergic to.
Could be nickel I don’t know.

I use deodorant on my wrist to keep my watch from feeling uncomfortable from the sweat, works for me.

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