My new sz pyjama's

i went to ’ big town ’ on the quest for warm winter pyjama’s.
there was the sponge bob square pants pyjama’s , they were funny, but i’m a little old for them, but surprisingly they came in my size XXL… , wow, how big are children today !?!
then there were pyjama’s with beer bottles on !!..i would just be dreaming of alcohol and i don’t even drink !
then there was the ’ star wars ’ pyjama’s i found these way too exciting , i just would not sleep…!!
so eventually i decided on a conservative ’ oxford blue ’ stripe '…
" god save the queen "…lol
take care
p.s nighty night !?!


I think you made the right choice. My Sz pyjama’s are flowery. I might plant them one day. Pleasant dreams!


I have always wanted to buy some of those super hero undies but they were only for little boys! Drat!

Enjoy your “oxford blue stripes” and as the saying goes:

Good night, sleep tight,
Don’t let the bedbugs bite!


I have a Winnie The Pooh pajama set from WalMart. :bear: :honey_pot: :honeybee:


I pride myself on having 101 Dalmatians (the animation) complete with spotted fleece pyjama pants, the top is of them watching the telly (one of my favourite parts)!

I also have a onesie, I can’t wear either of these though, it’s far to hot here right now (it’s summer here), I think you made the right choice :blush:!

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I like mixing up my jammies. I like it when I get Winnie the Poo tops with Power Ranger Bottoms or any other combo like that. It’s getting hot here again so I have to find something else other then flannel.

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I just threw mine out a few days ago because they had holes in them. I think my next pair will have little mops and vacuums on them.