My new shirt. Check it out, yo

Lol its not that cool. Kinda simple actually. But I got it on amazon for like $4. :+1::+1::+1::alien::alien::alien:


It’s pretty damn cool IMO!

Thank ya. Thank ya very much. :alien::alien::alien:

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I LOVE THE ALIEN EMOJI. I’ve never gotten the chance to use it before. Lol

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really cool t shirt !! something eerie about alien faces…

If only you had met darksith :slight_smile:

I love alien stuff…but some of it triggers me…mostly movies…lol

Lol at signs. Why would they come to earth if their weakness is water when earth is like 70-90% water. Why would water be a weakness when it’s the universal sign of life???

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Don’t get me started…mnight sham ala lama …ruins avatar…I can watch all the classics …some of the new age ones ■■■■ me up though…

Nice! I’m currently working on embroidering an alien on one of my shirts.


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