My new positive thoughts/reality/escape

I’m trying to remember my past life and memories as a ‘bulk being’ in the bulk or anti-de sitter space (‘5th dimension’), which I think means we live in a computer simulation, and I thought I worked on it. We essentially live in a black hole.

From interstellar:

Perhaps, my information will be useless and pointless as usual. Maybe not, someday? It’s probably a waste of time.

Honestly, it was better there than here. They can cure schizophrenia and perceive time in two dimensions I think. Imagine seeing the whole timeline like you perceive one instance of time. Amazing.

Reminds me of some sci-fi books like “Slaughterhouse 5” and the aliens who abducted that guy.

Sabine (physicist) says it will take 10,000+ years (bad estimate?) to create a black hole “power plant” but John Titor (my doppleganger/delusion/alter) says his civilization was working on it 10 years from now and probably decided against it. I’m not sure if this information is worthwhile or important or would be stupid to share or pointless and moot. It just shows that people can be wrong and are wrong a lot. Was I from a more advanced universe originally? Is this hell?

Maybe lady luck (serendipity) will help me some day.

What medicine are you on currently?

I take 40 mg of Latuda and 4.5 mg of Vraylar. I actually improved by reducing the caffeine. I’m also on 120 mg of Cymbalta for depression.

I probably over shared a bit. But I have these delusions I was reincarnated and stuff and been schizophrenic ever since in a causal loop/time loop via mind consciousness travel/uploading.

I’m pretty desperate for recovery. It’s sort of scary to share these things, but also part fantasy and sharing what I know and come across over the years.

Yes, I do think I’m a schizophrenic person but that these things are true also.

Its just time decides what is right at present, and it will be wrong in future as the knowledge and understanding grows.

Only thing I feel is I will live in the present, not in the past or future. Even if there is a secret agency let it be. I wanna be happy right now and I do things that makes me filled with present acts of life. Today or few minutes is all I have in my hands.

Making my self count every moment.

I still believe I am not living as expected.

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What is the source of the diagram? I would like to read more about it

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Just time travel along a Godel, rotating universe. Godel metric is the term. I searched under google images and saved it.

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I can SO relate to this. Except mine is a tiny bit less futuristic, and more like I’ve lived many many lives and the original (bulk beings you describe) beings (us) were what mankind originally described as the gods/goddesses.
I could chat on this for days lol

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