My new job is going well - 2 weeks in

They have never had a data analyst before, so there is a lot to do, but I am making a lot of difference.

In my second week their performance started hitting the KPI’s they’re set by the customer, as I gave them full visibility to the data in a report I built.

Also started setting up Power BI for them, and did a few extraction tools that I published on Share Point for them

The head of operations was away when I started, but she says the feedback has been amazing so far, which I am grateful to hear

It’s nice to know I can do a data job without relying on family being at work with me to help.


Glad to hear its going well.

I thought you said you were quiting the forum?


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Was only thinking about it, but I decided to stay


Glad you decided to stay!

Thanks. I had it in my head that I needed to stop obsessing over MI/sz, but truth is it needs keeping in check, plus I think I can help here also.

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Hey mate. I still think your an amazing garden renovator but so glad your doing well with the new job. I know it was a hard thing to change but keep on keeping on. Maybe sort out something that interests you for your downtime. I’m building miniture figures and painting them for wargames…it suits my personality and my nerdiness and it’s actually something you play against others with…

I have the cricket club but there’s always ways to express yourself and find some friends/companionship. Keeps that work in perspective too!


Thanks @rogueone

For the landscaping I have only sold my big things like van and cement mixer, and gave away other bulky things I can’t store

If anything happens, I can fall back on it

You’re right though - I need a hobby

Might have a look on again and see if there are any groups


You’ve a lot to offer this world but having a hobby will help you challenge yourself further. Honestly. I think you could do well…it’s never easy to totally adopt things but having a bit of fun or doing something you enjoy will help ease that work and no play that us szers tend to find all too soon.

As with everything. Baby steps. Get settled and just do a little at a time. Plenty of ways to enjoy your free time. Whether your sporty, intellectual, shy, bold…you get my drift.

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That’s awesome. I hope I can get a job again some day.


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