My new hat (poll)


  • I like it
  • not a fan
  • keep opinion to myself
  • this is attention seeking

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btw these photos are taken with my laptop camera. I just bought a new digital camera for better picture quality but I haven’t tried it out yet.

Is that from Walmart? I buy the black ones with the mesh in the back.

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yes $8 bucks…………

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a hat can say alot about a person, you need a hat that says …

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my brother has a hat that says ‘service brewing company’…I used to have a Guinness hat but it got stolen at a party. that probably says it all, although im not that person this year. im sober this year.

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According to Monty Python people aren’t wearing enough hats. And souls don’t develop because people become distracted and…

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


I bought a couple of hats from Walmart.
Don’t wear them much though.

Your hat looks nice.

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I like it! Is it grey?

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yes its a grey hat. mesh. fitted. 100% polyester. from Bangladesh. $8 bucks. thanks.

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I like wearing grey hats because they generally match everything.

You welcome. :slight_smile:

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