My new friend

Me and him are sort of FWB.

We went to the cinema today. And it was enjoyable to watch a movie together.

We have been meeting quite frequently recently.

The next time we are meeting is on Saturday.

Probably, anyway.

I miss him atm

How do I get stronger on my own two feet.


i d k…maybe talk to yourself in the mirror with compliments…helps me.

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That’s cool. I do like positive self talk. Or even just positive self feels. If u understand what I mean
Like making an effort to feel good about ones own insecurities

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What does FWB mean? I hate abbreviations.


It stands for friends with benefits.

It means that we are friends but I also have a tiny crush on him.


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Sounds dangerous. To me anyway, but, I don’t know him.

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Yes I need to guard my heart cautiously. Lol

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Me neither. I’m still getting to know him. Only met him this year for the first time.

I’m quite the paranoid type so I’m kind of trying to work my way through negative thoughts via Google :upside_down_face:

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That’s great!

As for being stronger on your own two feet, my best advice is to really learn to and allow you to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. Being able to build a foundation of love around yourself makes room for others to love and love you too. And your peace of mind will thank you!

Edit: I just read this to myself and realized it sounds really corny but it’s so true! You are the only one you’ll absolutely have 100% of the time, so work on maintaining a good inner relationship.


@Zoe you know, you are breaking hearts posting this thread…heehee. :wink:


Thankyou it’s true. I need to be my own best friend.

And I like what u said about accepting and loving myself exactly as I am. It’s not easy but maybe with repetitive effort, it becomes more second nature.

Do u think its possible to fall in love with oneself.

I say that only because sometimes I found it hard to understand how someone can fall in love with me

I feel it might help my self esteem if I give it a shot to fall in love with myself? Like eg., stroke my arms, appreciate how I look, reflect on my desirable attributes

Idk if it’s possible to learn to fall in love with oneself. Haha

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That’s funny.


I doubt it but anyway. How is your evening going? I’m wired on coffee tonight. Not sure I will get any sleep.


Absolutely! I mean, we’re always changing anyway and it doesn’t do any good to dislike yourself. And if you learn to love things about yourself, it becomes easier to accept that someone else would love those things too.


It isn’t the easiest thing, but if you just allow yourself, it’s very freeing. Our minds need to be elsewhere :grin:

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I’m pretty good, thanks. Today is the first day I’ve felt coherent enough to post here in months. Its been a bad year. But the Geodon is making a huge difference. It still wears off too early though, so I’m prolly getting bumped to the next level on Thursday.

I took a 2 hour nap between 4 and 6 pm, so I’m prolly not falling asleep right away either. :slight_smile:


Yea that’s why.

Also, because if they end up leaving me for another woman, at least I won’t fall to pieces because I will have developed self belief in my own desirability lol at least that’s the plan.


Yes, it’s also good insurance against that. Unfortunately it’s a coping mechanism I’ve found necessary and helpful.

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Sorry to hear that.

Life is a little challenging at times.

But we got to keep on keeping on no other choice lol. :slight_smile:

Glad it was helpful:)


Oh no worries, it’s challenging for us all. We do what we can :blush:

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I took a day nap too.

They can really make a great difference

Geodon is one of my preferred choices of antipsychotic

Good luck with it :sunny:

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