My new doctor wants to increase my anti-depressant?

I’ve been making too many changes to my medications on my own that I still havent recovered from my first major relapse which resulted in a second one about 11 months later so were exhausting my current medication (12mg invega) before we a switch.

In the mean time my doctor thinks theres an anxiety component to my current delusions (but I don’t think there is) and wants to increase my escitalopram from 5 to 20mg.

It’s hard to believe that the increase in my anti-depressant will help with my paranoia so I dunno.

Also my doctors young and doesn’t seem as experienced as the previous resident.

I also take:
25mg Abilify
2mg ativan

Your anxiety could be being contributed to from your abilify. That can make people anxious.

Yeah, I also want to quit that and go back to Invega sustenna but they don’t want to make too many changes. I feel like the abilify doesn’t work for me.

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Yeah. They tend to only change one thing at once. Is slow but probably necessary.

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Well I just went from 1mg to 2mg respirdone yesterday. And do you feel like it’s too much of a jump with the amount per day all of a sudden? Some meds can transition fine from others without a slow increase.sometimes, depends on person.

Hey I thought Ativan also helps with anxiety? Regardless, I found the addition of Escitolopram extremely helpful for my paranoia and anxiety issues. If it wasn’t for the escitolopram, I would have quit college by now. It has substantially increased my stress tolerance. I am only taking 10 mg. I find it strange your doctor wants to increase it to 20mg because my psychiatrist says that too much escitolopram can cause problems with schizophrenia. My psychiatrist used to work at the top psychiatric hospital in Hong Kong, so he definitely knows his stuff.

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Hey thanks for your reply. Good to hear it has helped you out! I will talk to my doctor about increasing the med to about 10 or 15.

Thanks again.