My new digital piano repertoire- 22 pieces

Ave Maria- composed by Franz Schubert
Nocturne from a Midsummer Night’s Dream- composed by Felix Mendelssohn
Sleeper’s Awake- composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Farandole- composed by Georges Bizet
Arietta- composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Love Me Tender- as made popular by Elvis Presley
Lover Man- as made popular by Billie Holliday
Don’t Know Much- written by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weill and Tom Snow
Ain’t Misbehavin- written by Thomas Waller and Harry Brooks
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes- written by Jerome Kern
Hard Day’s Night- written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Fascination- written by F.D. Marchetti
Nocturne From a MIdsummer Night’s Dream (Busker version)- composed by Felix Mendelssohn
Beauty and the Beast- written by Alan Menken
Georgia On My Mind- written by Hoagy Carmichael
He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands- African American Folksong
Hey Jude- written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
I’ve Got You Under My Skin- as made popular by Frank Sinatra
My Favorite Things- written by Richard Rodgers
Yesterday- written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Sonata in C Minor Last Movement Theme- composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
See the Conquering Hero Comes From Judas Maccabeus- composed by George Frederic Handel


During my last lesson with my piano teacher, I complained that I wasn’t “performance ready” yet. He told me that I “was getting there”. What a huge compliment from a teacher that for the last six years has hardly ever uttered a positive comment.
One positive change that I’ve made over the past year is that now, I count out loud while playing all my pieces. And consistently too. I have it drummed into myself to count. Secondly, over the past two weeks, I have been spending more time practicing. I’ve gone from one hour a day to two hours a day at practice. That is making a huge difference in my playing also.


Wow! Too cool. Keep up the good work. It seems you have quite an expressive range for your repertoire. :slight_smile:


Foot tapping helps too, so long as your not already using the pedals. Or writing, in pencil, on the sheet music the beats/notes. Or nodding your head if you can manage all that together, lol. I typically count in my head, got that from playing clarinet and oboe cause you can’t count aloud.

Man I would love to take lessons. My old piano teacher from childhood was a real witch, we did not get along. I couldn’t bring myself to take lessons from her again. My studies and fingerings haven’t quite come back yet since I restarted playing. Trouble coordinating hands and fingers, lol. Tough getting old and out of shape.


Good for you, @Skims for taking up your instruments again. Very good!

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Thank you, @ThePickinSkunk.

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