My new diet!

That’s right folks, I’m dieting again! On last month’s diet I gained 4 pounds! I’ll be writing a new book called, “How to gain 4 pounds without even trying!” I’m pretty sure it will be a best seller.

So anyways, I’m back on the wagon again. Hopefully I can do well this time. My goal is to be thin enough to take a picture of myself and post it. I’m sure everyone is holding their breath in anticipation. LOL!

If you have any dieting tips, let me know. And yes, I know eating less is a good start. :wink:

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I believe the weight watchers philosophy of not going hungry is the best. replace fatty rich foods with less caloric etc. and you will be satisfied yet will slenderize after time.


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Weight Watchers is a really good program. Good advice!

any time. judy. thanks for the compliment.

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I had relative success with cutting out all sugary drinks from my diet (mind you, fruit juice is rich in vitamins but also in sugar) and all snacks (I eat a bag of crisps like it’s a contest). Lost about 8 kilos in 6 weeks or so. I made sure to cook a little bit extra for dinner each evening, such that whenever I felt like a snack, I would just have regular food instead of the sugary/fatty snacks that one may typically go for.


Don’t do anything to extreme. If you cut out to many caleries to fast you will lose mucle mass and that can actually slow your metabolism. Also excersise will help avoid this.

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cut out sugar
avoid ’ low fat ’ products…it is marketing.
take care :alien:

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