My new delusion, everyone!

Jesus is coming the next time it snows in Saint Louis.

So there’s my new belief!

you really think that?

It’s complicated


Well it’s not happening so… Tell yourself to let it go.


You never know. It could happen. Heck, if there are any more of us down there, Jesus is probably there already! We have already had like five Jesuses (Jesi?) on this forum alone!


If there are 5 Jesus’s on this forum…

I’ll go for guidance to the Jesus with the biggest boobs. :wink:

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My therapist worked at a hospital once where there were five guys who thought they were Jesus. Nothing worked to convince them otherwise, so they put all 5 in a room and locked the door so they could work it out.

One by one four of them came out and admitted that they weren’t Jesus… and the guy who “won” got a big head and it only reinforced his delusion. LOL


Hahahahahaha! That either worked amazingly or backfired horribly. I can’t tell which.

Go ahead, ban me. But technically it’s a guy with his shirt off, not a girl.


I have been feeling like crap because of work, and this thread just turned my whole day around! You have kept my spirits up two days in a row, @Flameborn! Thank you.

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Anything happen at work since we talked?

Nah, I just wrote up a social story for the girl, and I wrote a letter to her sister. I am going to bring them when I talk to the mom tomorrow, just in case she throws me out of her house. At least then the girls will know I still care about them. I just told them I would be starting a new part of my life, and that means we won’t get to see each other anymore.

I didn’t say, “Your mom is a total c*nt, so bye!”

Probably a good thing.

That’s good of you.



And the next time it hails in San Jose, Satan is coming.

I think I’m here already. :smile:

When I was psychotic and talking to myself all the time on the street, a woman approached me and said “You need Jesus to save you. Jesus saved me when I needed it!” I replied really angry “I never saved you! Go tell that story to somebody else” Ahah…

Anyway, we’re all already here. No need for more jesuses


A barren frozen wasteland looks like heaven to a spirit. They don’t gots no flesh, they’ll just walk around barefoot and feel just fine in that ■■■■.

■■■■■■■ assholes, im so jealous of those guys.

Likewise deserts aren’t hot to them. Just an awesome none threatening beautiful landscape and playground to them.

I wants it. Hopefully they can bestow on me this thing they have.

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