My new book for study

İt covers nearly all commercial cookery certificate 3 subjects.i m really happy to study this book.


Sounds fun. I hope you enjoy your studies.

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Are you going to start a restaurant or try to work for one, or is this just for your enjoyment?

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Thank you.i hope so :blush:

İ m already working as school attendant but i had been studied commercial cookery in adelaide and worked as cook in coffee lounge for 1.5 future plan retired from my current job and start job as a cook in city hospital.but i don t know what future bring we will see :crossed_fingers::+1:


Good luck! I hope it goes well.

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thats awesome :slight_smile:

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Best of luck with everything @Dustypages !

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to the future :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you.:crossed_fingers::+1:i hope so

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