My new biz

Sooooo… I’m starting a new biz! My mom has two apartments, one is for full term rent the other one will be for air bnb renting for turists.

Lisbon is always full of turists and the apartment is downtown, so it’s cool.

Since I’m not doing anything and my mom needs to write her thesis (she’s finishing her doctors is anthropology), I’ll be running it. Welcoming when they arrive, cleaning when they leave.

The house will be under renovation soon and I’ll start as soon as its ready.

Cool deal :sunglasses:


Ah nice… that sounds quite manageable…

its “tourist” by the way… just an fyi… I know you take your english seriously

:no_entry: grammar errors not allowed !!!

Thank yous


I totally can’t wait to rent your new place and use it for a porno shoot.

Uh, vacation. I meant vacation.




LOL I’ll make sure to decorate it right

Damn straight.

Don’t skimp on the furry handcuffs, either.


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For some reason my town seems to be terrified of being overrun by air bnb’s for some reason. They tried a couple years back to outright ban them even.

If you do decorate it real nice just don’t make my old friend Tyler’s mistake. He had a well paying job in the tech industry right out of college and rented a huge loft in an old factory building. So he spends thousands decorating the ultimate apartment and when he decides to find a roommate he posts flyers in town with a picture of the living room. Well one day he came home to a completely empty apartment, nothing, all gone. Apparently the thieves were quite picky as he later found a few of the cheaper pieces of furniture in a dumpster across the street heh.

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Way to go, Minnii! Sounds like a perfect fit. I hope you make a lot of money.

@mussel That’s a terrible story! Hope that doens’t happen to me!!! I’m not posting the adress anyway and the furniture will be ikea I won’t spend a lot of money.

Thank you dear @crimby

I’m going to pretend I didn’t spend 45 minutes this morning looking at google image results for rabu hoteru for decorating suggestions for Minnii :smirk_cat:

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Good for you, Minnii. It’s good to have something to get excited about in a positive way.

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This will be nothing but good for you. Don’t stress out about what sort of impression you make on the people you meet. Remember, they’re judging the apartment, not you.


Thank you! Yeah I’ll be super responsible and provide guides for all the tourist attractions :smile:

Gud luck with ur new biz.@Minnii
may tourist flocks to ur apparments all the time

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Thank you @far_cry0

can u post pic of ur apartment…??

I don’t have any right now

Congratulations @MinniI make sure to take out time for you along with new responsibilities and you’ll be fine. Down time is important too.

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Thank you @orange! I will take it slow yes :blush:

That’s super cool!

I’m assuming if any of us are in Lisbon that we would get a special SZ discount?


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