My ' new ' angry bird-turbo power toothbrush


so i was looking for another toothbrush…
i am the proud owner of an ’ angry bird ’ childrens toothbrush with ’ turbo power '…!?!
and …wait for it…i managed to save my :alien: alien, :rocket:spaceship, and dinosaur stickers from my original toothbrush…
i even managed to get my ’ dark sith ’ name stickers transferred on to the new toothbrush…i know…i am a genius !?!

i have been showing jedi :rabbit: bunny and secret squirrel :squirrel: they are very envious…
take care from the ’ i am not mad at all ’ :alien: and his friend :bug:


I would think the squirrel + the bunny could use a good toothbrush.


Yayyy…kids toothbrushes!
Still have my blue smiley toothbrush with the cutout smile that stands on two little feet.


I see, you guys will never get old ! I am two hundred year old already as I was focused on the function when I buy a toothbrush.