My new and permanent resolution to counter Schizophrenia in terms of choosing a thought based single path for the rest of my life

My new and permanent resolution to counter Schizophrenia in terms

of choosing a thought based single path for the rest of my life.

Path —>

Write existence.

Schedule every hour.

" Write existence "

Write it, you must…

This doesn’t mean write it literally,

it means create existence, using freewill

your world - your existence - create it using freewill - simply put " WRITE EXISTENCE "

The Truth:



Write it,
practice it,
live it.

Theory makes a good critic,
a master


I’m unable to become a master, I failed all my life in terms of becoming a master. My body ( brain/mind ) simple can’t take even a single step, a step to practice and become a master.

What you posted is simply awesome. Something wonderful, simple yet true. Spoken like a master.

If you say so,
But I doubt your truth on this.
A master must first have a passion, a desire for learning, the want to be, the rest will follow.
If you want it, live it.

Me too, I try to keep my life simple, as in “not complicated”, rather than "not complex"
Maybe a “master” of simple…that’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a master, but thanks for the compliment.

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passion, desire, goals, motivation etc are what I lack — simply zero


procrastination, helplessness etc are 100%

■■■■ yoda


[quote=“way12go, post:7, topic:33375”]
passion, desire, goals, motivation etc are what I lack — simply zero

zero passion, desire, goals and motivation are zero,
but you have chosen a thought based single path
for the rest of your life?

What’s really behind this “plan” then?

It’s like… A rolling stone gathers no mass.

I’m living, living what? Life?

I’m living life as if I don’t even exist.

It’s true, everything happens as if I don’t even exist.

When I’m talking to someone I look normal otherwise I’m so non existing… as if there

is flesh and blood but no life.

My memory is very very poor,

I getting delusions and this looks like thoughts,

It’s like a Television Set

Something is broadcasted over television,

memory not stored in tv

and tv is not life

It’s as if I don’t even exist.

I get random statements

In the past I came up with my own quotes and statements

such as

Everything is a variation.

… something happens …

Brain On Paper = Everything


I got more than 20 or such statements or quotes and I don’t even remember them

My latest

Latest —> Existence is written and to be written.

My physics-mathematics theory

I live a random life,

A life that is not organized what so ever.

Everyday I live, I live a random delusion life, a pattern loops itself …

Every day what ever happens is a pattern,

there are loops

No productive life what so ever.

Morning Selegiline 20mg and night Olanzapine 20 mg … now I am healthy. As you can see I am able to

make some reasonable enough posts today…

After I added Selegiline 20 mg my

Presence Of Mind

improved a lot.

I now no longer have some neurotransmitter caused loser mind/brain

somehow for some reason what ever the cause of this new life may be

selegiline did it.

I don’t really plan ahead via thoughts anymore. I live instinctually, sort of on auto-pilot, but I have good intuitions so it works out pretty good the majority of the time.

Dear Way12go, I have a hard time understanding you. Maybe it is because English isn’t your first language. Since you started selegiline your writing seems less coherent.

Just wanted to add what your post made me think: when I had hallucinations I could hear my own thoughts or memories crystal clear, broadcasted on a radio when I turned it on. Instead of music, I heard my thoughts. It makes no sense how that is possible.

I am curious about virtual reality games and bio-feedback to help adapt to psychosis. But it would have to be done carefully, you wouldn’t want a virtual realm that was violent such as with PTSD sufferers who re-learn past traumas and work through them. With schizophrenia, you need to learn to create alternative paths and understanding of the brain and how its working, or why we’re hallucinating.

I changed my resolution to:

Short term goals.