My nephew and niece r like gold to kin,might they hav SZ,my responseibility to get em tested

My great potential wise golden kid nephew might be showing signs of early adolesent schizophrenia, i will sugest test for it,does anyone think this is wrong,and how shouldvi approach the matter

Hate to see kids get on meds how old? It doesn’t usually manifest til age 20.

Me my enviroment was no help,this kid my nephew and niece came along at just the right time wher all kin think tere gold,and will do anything and everything to help them suceed, i will never let my nephew fall,and if he does i will help him back up,at least a dozen kin feelvthe same, but i am the only one with SZ. ,and i know its just a gene floating around in the gene pool,nobodys fault,but to catch it early secures a almost 90percent recovery,and people lead a normal life

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This is a good idea. I would not tell them its a test for schizophrenia. Really - its just for if they are having any psychological difficulties - try to put it in terms that they can relate to and appreciate - for example, if they are socially isolating themselves, how they might be helped to enjoy social activities more, etc.

Or, position it as just a general evaluation - without getting into details. Here is where I would take them:

Great advice,much appreciated