My neighbors

my neighbors have stolen out of our cars on the 4th they will light fire works into 1 in the morning.

they are worse when my mom wasn’t home one summer. i thought i heard one of them saying my name. and harrassing me on the 4th of july. I can’t remember what he said but it wasn’t nice.

than a few days later his brother who also lives their apologized for his brother. I wasn’t sure if i really heard them harrassing me because of my illness. i still don’t know. but i wonder what he was apologizing for when i spoke with him.

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speaking of neighbors my neighbors not just the ones who steal but all of them, i think notice that when i drive somewhere. I will pull out and leave and then turn around down the street and drive by the house every time. I just double check. I started doing it a year or so ago.

If his brother apologized, he probably was insulting you. What a jerk.

it was an awful night. i was in my house and i thought he was yelling some stuff out to me while i was in my house consoling my dog who has passed now from the fireworks. i can’t remember what he said though.

his brother did apologize when i spoke with him not long after so he probably did say something.

People can be jerks

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