My neighbor uses power equipment all day

I’m working today on my computer and his chainsaw and other machines have been going for about 6 hours. It is driving me nuts

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He’s now using a power washer and the engine is so loud.
He is rich and doesn’t have to work so he just plays with toys all day

cant you make a noise complaint to the police or dont they come out during the day?

That sometimes drives me nuts as well.

The gal below me has a tropical bird. That bird makes God awful noise a lot. Sometimes I go out of my mind!

I have no idea. The weather is getting colder here so soon he will be back in his mansion.

Invest in some quality headphones then in the meantime

When I lived in an apartment I had to deal with neighbors parties like all the time. The only time I ever found peace was when I was living on a quiet street in jamaica plain

Thats a really good idea. I’ll listen to some classical music while I work

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