My neighbor is the best

My neighbor has a ride on lawn mower so he cuts our lawn

we pay him but its a big lawn so we give him a good amount to do it

we asked this morning if he would come when we finally get out of the heat wave

and boom 5pm he shows up with the temp 98+f

we were like your crazy come back a better day or time

he refused said he was to busy(private plumber) and could only do it now

so since he was here we asked him another favor and he is always like ya no problem

so after the grass he fixed a ceiling fan for us

he is such a nice dude

i gave him extra and he refused but we gave him a beer and told take the extra to go get a burger and fries

he is the only neighbor that has ever talked to us since we moved up here 10 years ago and does everything we ever ask

this has brought my agitation level down quite a bit


My neighbor is nosy.

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Nice to know there are still good people out there. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


i have only met one other neighbor

she is nosy but her husband doesnt let her venture out

she can only come over if he is not home and she doesnt stay incase he comes home early

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@GrayBear yup he is great


Iā€™m glad he was able to help.


@SpringRose yup me too ty


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