My negative symptoms have improved

I don’t know if this is placebo but my negative symptoms have improved. Ive been taking amisulpride for 3 months now Ive changed to abilify but I feel like this is a sign that my brain is recovering I dont believe meds work against negative symptoms. @Aziz have hope brothers and sisters.


Was anhedonia, avolition, or boredom one of the symptoms? Did this start from the amisulpride, or the abilify or both?

No its not the meds that causes negative symptoms.

Which med did you feel better with?

You sure its not the Abilify? I had less negative symptoms on Abilify. Its a partial dopamine agonist unlike others.

glad to read of it paket12. happy for you. judy

If meds help, it was probably depression and not negative symptoms.

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Negative symptoms are rough. I’m glad you’re feeling better

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