My mystical experience was real but i raised my medication


I started hearing voices 9 years ago. I have doubts about the origin of the voices. I’ve always thought it was a spirit or something else somehow unnatural.

i dropped my medication at the beginning of November, and in the middle of mars i started hearing voices more than usual.

I had some mystical experiences where i saw a spirit taking off my body and turning around me.

I waited a long time to raise my meds because for me it was just true as i’ve always thought, but now i take the same medication than before November and voices are lower.

But that doesn’t mean my experiences were not true.

I think the spirit have an action on my energetic body and this have an effect on my brain. So meds can have an action on voices.

Anyway, i will try to live a life as normal as possible despise all that.

Thanks for reading me.

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Yeah. I believe my experience was true but still upped my meds. I want to be normal

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