My muscle stiffness has been improving since I started NAC+Taurine


I had a problem with muscle stiffness thanks to abilify. Since I started taking 1000mg Taurine + 1000mg NAC it seems to have improved greatly.

The thing is I’m going to stop taking NAC as it’s making me foggy headed and possibly contributing to my depression. (NAC made me foggy headed the last time I took it on it’s own)

So I’m really hoping that it’s the taurine that’s contributing to my muscle stiffness improvement.


It is the taurine. When i was into bodybuilding. Someone mentioned on the forums that it helped with certian sides from certian compounds such as muscle stiffness muscle twitching. Ik banans are really good for muscle twitching


That sounds like good news for me ! Thanks.


I don’t know of any effects of NAC on muscles. Not that my knowledge is definitive - but it’s probably not the NAC.


Im sorry about your depression. Medication can only do so much. I can suggest workinh out to help alleviate depression. Its sometging you can achieve even yoga may help.