My mum tried my vape

it was funny, she asked for a shot so i was like no but then i thought ‘whats the harm of it’ so i gave her it and she took a huge draw and coughed a little, i think the smoke was coming out of her ears :rofl::rofl::rofl:

suffice to say that she wont be trying it again haha


Your gaping non nicotine right?

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yes asdfghjklqwerty

I’ve got a Vale should start using it. My mouse broke today actually rabbits chewed it now I can’t go o into discord chat.

rabbits love to chew things, be careful they dont chew live wires

We duont have wires where we keep them but girlfriend left bedroom door open so one in ck out.

Why are you laughing at your mother’s misfortune? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

its not like that, she asked for a try of it and it was funny to see her reaction, anyway, it is my mother and my dad would have found it funny as well, dont need anyone judging me lol

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