My mum just said I look ill without make up ๐Ÿ˜•

Yes. She said when I straighten my hair and wear a little make up my attitude changes โ€ฆ I appear more confident โ€ฆ right thatโ€™s a strange comment โ€ฆ never thought of that before. Iโ€™m going to splash on lipsticks. Any good reasonably priced brands :confused:


Maria Bamford is a bipolar comedian and in one of her stand ups she said that her mother said the exact same thing! Iโ€™ve just spent 5 minutes looking for the clip but canโ€™t find it.


Thatโ€™s interesting. Iโ€™m searching for the clip. :slight_smile:

I prefer the no make up look

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Found it!


For a basic tool kit
All you need is

a matte everyday foundation with SPF 15-50 + hydrating
A concealer depending on your eye bag color (check with a MUA)
Eyelash curler
eyebrow pencil
I think a medium charcoal liner will work nice on you + a hazel one if you want two
A basic contour and blush palette for a night out use
some lipsticks

This is something that stays in my purse when I go out and a combo of the basic for me :o)

One of the affordable brands which is very good

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sooooooooooo glad Iโ€™m a guy LOL


Wow โ€ฆ lol I need to find a muaโ€ฆ do you think they can advise on everyday casual look make up?

Lol my mum exactly :flushed:

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Iโ€™d love to but I can not really see your skin color well to suggest it for you =( through a pic.

Do you have pharmacy drugstores? those have make up artists working there :thinking: or a Sephora maybe? Not sure about UK.

For everyday I use the above list just a very pale version, or cancel the eyeliner and eyebrow lines and the contouring, just use blush. The most basic for me is 'curling lashes// eyeliner // mascara // hydrating SPF

Let me see what coupon codes I can give you. I think most brands have a sign up online discount at least 10% or you can follow them on Instagram and see when they offer discounts. If you can buy local the first time is better so you can test out the foundation/ concealer color.

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Iโ€™m not sure the coupon codes will work here but Iโ€™ll check hotdealsuk or voucher code websites. I was thinking to get an appointment with a make up artist just for advice but not sure they do such thing

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yeah you can book an appointment. I am just not familiar with UK stores ://

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I canโ€™t leave the house without a bit of makeup, if not I look tired :roll_eyes:

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I have started wearing makeup more often lately.
Not daily but most days of the week I think.

My mum says I look hard and cold with too much makeup on and even just brown eyeshadow is too much according to her.
She rathers I wear just mascara and lipstick and nothing else.

My boyfriend rathers I wear black around my eyes so maybe he loves me looking hard n cold.

i wear a few different brands and am willing to try new things too to some extent.

Maxfactor lipfinity last quiet a Long time .
when I had my teeth cleaned the hygienist commented that my lipstick stayed on.
I was only wearing lipstick that day and nothing else.

I have started cleaning g my face every morning which is a nice new routine for me.

I only used to wash it in the shower.

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@anon80629714 I think most department stores with a cosmetics counter have someone who can help you try different make up.

BTW, I think you look very pretty and โ€œnot illโ€ in the photos youโ€™ve posted on the forum, so Iโ€™m not sure what your mum is talking about. :confused: :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m from the States, and I buy my makeup from Sephora or Ulta.
I like Clinique and their lipstick. I have red, mauve, and burgundy.


Itโ€™s cos I donโ€™t post photos without make up granted it looks natural but I prefer the look towards the natural side

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