My mum is my “carer”

Yes I know how that might sound. She reminds me to take meds everyday … well ok most days I remember … she also helps me with finances and at times I ask her to go with me to my GP. I’m grateful but at times I let her have more of a say than I want.


Thats nice of your Mother. Appreciate her while she is still around.


My husband is my carer. He controls my meds and makes sure i take them, he goes with me to ny p.doc appts, he controls the finances and makes sure the bills are paid, he drives me most places because i cant go on certain roads and i dont drive on highways, and he does most of the housework because im too exhausted from meds and unmotivated to be honest. I have guilt over all of it sometimes, but he reminds me that he does it cause he loves me not because he feels obligated. Sometime its rougher than others.


I am married, but I am my own caregiver. I control my meds. my appointments, and I make the budget. I guess I am independent and can do things myself. There is nothing wrong with getting help if you need it.


In the past when I was in worst shape, my father was really my carer.

Today I’m much better and don’t have a carer, although my brother is going to be my trustee in the future.

My father also has power of attorney over me with my bank just in case I become psychotic again.

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