My mum drives me up the wall

For those who don’t know my dad has been diagnosed with a tumour in his brain. It’s cancer. My mum shouts at him like always if things don’t go her own way. I tried to help her with some of the paper work for dad but she shouted because the printer screwed some of the papers. I was only trying to help. So if I help her I’m screwed. If i don’t know I’m screwed. I hate the woman.

I’m sorry about your Dad. I hope his treatment goes ok.

It sounds like your Mum is really stressed and worried about your Dad. My mum can get tense and cranky to be around when she is worried or stressed. I just back away, offer to make her a cup of tea and leave. Staying or arguing just makes the situation escalate.

I really hope things go ok for your dad.

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I’m sorry ish, you have to remember this has to be hard for her also. That’s her way to deal, it will probably pass.

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It is hard for everyone @anon80629714.

Things could settle down a bit soon.

Try to be patient, and make sure that you get plenty of me time for yourself.

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If you are in the habit of shouting at someone even something as tragic as a brain tumor probably won’t change it. I think the fact your parents are still together means they still love each other. It’s good that you are functional enough to help with your father’s medical crisis and it’s stressful on everyone involved. I hope things turn out for the best.


This is an emotional time for everyone, so people probably won’t be behaving rationally. I really hope things turn out for the best. But it’s going to be stressful.

So sorry the hear about your dad and how is he handling it? Your mom is probably really stressed. Is your mom like this all the time or just because of the situation? stay calm and fight on… take care

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