My mouse broke

My mouse broke. This is what I was using.

Now this is what I am using.

Thinking I’ll buy another one of the one at the top. Maybe go to a store and beg them if they have it in stock.


This is the mouse I’m currently using. It’s just a basic microsoft optical mouse.

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Everyone I am so excited. I bought the mouse. Click and collect. I’m going to go and pick it up in the store later. YES!


Well I’m back. I have a confession to make. I look like I am on meth when I go out. It’s that bad. Oh god. Rapid physical movements. Then I get back just now. Have to do obsessive cleaning to sterilise some areas.

But I am a clean person. No smoking, alcohol. My body is a temple which should be worshipped. And I am not explaining anymore than that.

Larry you had me really worried, I remember there used to be a risqué computer game called Leisure Suit Larry by Sierra about a spiv in search of love, I hope I’m not getting confused, the broken mouse looks like my brain, the new one looks like my father’s brain and I won’t say what the Microsoft one looks like. I knew someone on meth, they seemed to have it under control, here in the UK its predominantly big on the gay seen for some reason, unlike the U.S. where the intake is more diverse. I never watched Breaking Bad, people said it was good.

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