My mother would kill me if I had sex

That’s how I always felt.

My mother was pretty open minded. Even bought me a packet of condoms once.

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My whole family is down on that one. One of my brothers thinks that the “family curse” will end with me not reproducing.

My dad picked me up from someones house one weekend when i was 18 my dad asked what i was doing at her house lol. So i said i had sex with her.
He said “quit thinking with your dick!” :sweat_smile:

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Sex is everyones decision they should be able to exercise if they please.

Its not that big a deal if one wants to or not. Not anyone else to decide and make judgement.

I remember being 14, in a bar on some nameless island in the Caribbean with my mother. Her and her friend bought me a couple condoms for the first time, just in case I met somebody.

She never cared, but I’ve always been good about protection. No crotch goblins from me.


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