My mother thinks I'm lazy

She just doesn’t understand negative symptoms or depression she is constantly trying to push me to discipline myself. I’m so happy I’m not living with her, she literally shoves fruits down my throat and chases me around the house with food every time I visit her

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And my father thinks everyone has negative symptoms/depression during lockdown and is telling me to stop being ungrateful every time I tell him I feel bad. My parents are the only people in my life except for a friend that now lives in another town. They just don’t understand me well.

Yea my parents dont fully understand either but I got used to them.

My father has a hard time knowing the differences between anxiety, mania and depression.
He thinks I’m always experiencing anxiety, which I’m not.
Lots of times I’m feeling low or high without anxiety.

He keeps telling me to take Klonopin when I disagree with him.

He doesn’t really get it.

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Haha! Your mom loves you! She’s having difficulties with you being grown up. She still thinks and probably wants you to be a child!

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