My mother in law might have liver cancer and this is not going well

She had a CT scan a few months ago and they saw a spot,

She had another CT scan this week and it’s grown.

A lot.

The doctor said it could be cancer and we need to biopsy it right away.

My husband’s not taking it well even though we don’t really know that she has cancer yet he says it’s not likely she’ll survive if she does.

To make it all about me,

I can’t take it.

More doctor’s visits, a surgery, possible end of life care.

All of it.

I’m already past what I can do,

I hope this ends up being nothing and we can put her in assisted living.


I hope she doesn’t have it.

If she does, then I hope they’ve caught it soon enough.


Here’s hoping it’s manageable.

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I hope it isn’t cancer and I hope you can find strength through this ((hugs))

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They say tragedies come in threes.

Hopefully the spot isn’t the start of something more serious.

Take care, amiga. Rest well, and maybe make it a trashy t.v. night?


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Sending hugs.


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They canceled my favorite weekend trashy TV show,

But I’ll try to find something.

Something also trashy.


I just really don’t want to be the one dealing with this and I know I will be.

Oy vey.

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Yeah, that’s a lot for anyone to handle, really.

I requested the second season of Ghost Hunters from my library.

For some odd reason they don’t have the first season.

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Ghost shows!

That’s what I can watch tonight!

My husband is playing video games tonight so I need some good shows.

Usually Travel Channel is all ghost shows.


Yaaaaaay! LOL.

That’s awesome that fun trashy ghost shows are an option for ya. :blush:

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Three words:

Well. Timed. Relapse.

I hear the psych wards have wi-fi now. Tempted to check it out for myself as I can manage The Squirrel remotely.


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It isn’t Easy, Thus Much I Know From My Mother’s Passing.

Jus Know That Now is The Best Time to Express Your Heart. As Confusing And Heavy as it May Feel Right Now.

My Biggest Regret is Not Watching a Movie With My Mom When She Couldn’t Walk And She Smiled And Asked if I Wanted to Watch One With Her.

I Was Confused About The Whole Process of Cancer And Ended Up Talking to My Dad Instead.

I Regret it Fully.

But in The End We Said Our Goodbye’s.

But, It isn’t The End No Matter What The Doctors Say.

Remember That.


I hope it isn’t more serious.
Take care of yourself @anon54386108

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so sorry you are going through this…I know you are worn thin…hang in there @anon54386108

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I’m very sorry. It’s total crap. You have enough to deal with already.

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So sorry for you and to hear that this is not all that is happening

This kind of thing needs to be the only thing going on at one time

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Hoping it’s nothing serious, @anon54386108.

Hang in there :sunflower:

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Love to you and your family and good wishes for your mother in law.

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