My mother got in my way to the bathroom

Then raged on me as I confronted about it. Why can’t she be more sensitive to me.

even if it’s a psychotic thought raging on me cause I told her I didn’t appreciate it made me feel worst

and the urge to give this black african woman money didn’t seem to so bad.

I"m being abused here and I deserve respect.

i’m vulnerable right now and my mother isn’t helping me

I been feeling not good all day long this is cruel she is cruel destroying my fragile mind even more.

and then raging on me. like im nothing because I don’t deserve to have something happen that I don’t like

call me paranoid she waited for me to come out of my room then kept rummaing the toilet paper it doesnt take 20 seconds to get toilet paper as soon as I passed her and I wanted to go to my room she walked right infront of me.

call me paranoid but she is ■■■■■■■ with me and i’m already a fragile vulnerable state.

and this beautiful big titted big assed woman as for cash

why wouldn’t I give her if I m getting treated like crap at least the african girl appreciate me even if shes faking it it’s a lot more love and kindness that I’m not getting at home.

did I really deserve to be treated like this I’m on thin ice emotionally and she does this triggering a psychotic episode.

I don’t think that I completely understand your entire post, and I obviously don’t know your whole situation, but if it is as it appears, that you are spending your mothers money on women who are scamming you, I think that your mother has some right to be perturbed with you.

I would really suggest that stop spending your and your mothers money on women who have no interest in you besides getting your money. Half of them may not even be women but men pretending to be women and using their pics.


You should really think about money and its value. Also think about what if your parents can’t give you money anymore.


You’re being abusive and no you don’t. If you were my kid you’d find yourself out on the sidewalk with your possessions. Smarten up and show your mother the respect she’s due.


Your mom has every right to be mad.
And what you described is hardly abuse.
You are completely oblivious to the fact that you are ripping off your mom to be ripped off by internet scammers.


If I’m being abusive then I need to call up Dr Kevorkian then because I don’t want to live in this world I can’t handle it I can’t take it normal people scare me and will destroy me and my mind.

I’ve been very fragile today emotionally psychologically.

If she can get in my way then I’m seen abusive then theres no reason for me to be breathing anymore because it made me psychotic when I was already psychologically edgey

There’s just no hope for me and i doubt any medicine that america can give me will fix me I’m just done


Ill never be at peace until my final breathe then only then will I have peace in my mind in heart because I can’t take this pain anymore in my heart and mind and then people want to make me feel like there messing with me and accuse me of being abusive

well I’m the paranoid schizophrenic and I’m trying my best to live but it’s gonna get to that point it’s just not gonna be worth it anymore.

Guilt trips don’t work on me. Get help from your treatment team and stop abusing an elder who is gracious enough to provide for you even when you’re obviously stealing from her and mistreating her. Your behavior is reprehensible.


How did you think people would respond to these posts @Juliesftw?

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Maybe you need to stay away from social media, @Juliesftw until you become stable enough.

I gave money to strangers like it was confetti, while psychotic. But at least it was money I’d earned myself. Anyway, it’s a stupid thing to do.

Please understand that you are being irresponsible. Focus on therapy and get better. That should be your priority, not big-assed scammers you’ve met online.

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how old are you? women go first, man…where’s your facking manners?? veliciraptor is right, you are a bad person I think.

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Get off social media. Better yet, get off the internet entirely. You obviously don’t have the ability to discern between reality and the false realities and identities presented on the net. You need to immerse yourself in 24/7 real life for a while. Once you can recognize real life, MAYBE you’ll be better equipped to deal with the rampant falsehoods on the net.


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