My mother comes over here doing her own thing can't even come out to the deck and say hello

Tell me again Beth why I don’t say f-uck off b-itch

Neither of us me and Phil invited for thanksgiving

??? A rant or some one posting using your account?

How much can I win on family fued?

I have family troubles too, but less is expected of me now I’m ill :wink:

Well I mean, do you really want to spend Thanksgiving with people you can’t stand? My family stopped celebrating holidays all the way back when I was a teenager and in my head I was just like praise the lord.


Thanks you guys.

Be careful reaching out mom it might show love

I’ve never seen such a turning away from a love in my life

I’m having trouble understanding. Is your mom ignoring you?

If you want to win a feud, the only move is to outclass the other person. Smile, be friendly, ignore any negative behaviors or insults. Let them see how happy your life is with or without them.


They don’t want Phil over there

And come over here

Its ignore land

That’s rude. Even when my parents hated my partners, they would still invite them to family gatherings.


Thanks ninja star you’re always so nice to me.

Want to return the favor if needed

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Thank you, Daze.

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