My mother and family is no good but social workers are no better

Being 33 years old mentally disabled man I have act team who calls me once a week for 3 minutes and show how cold they are. That means if i ever try to move out they would not help me. I been to the hospital they give the same cold attitude. Seems like everywhere in this Canadian city i go to people give me cold attitude like i am like a jew in world war . Why such nastiness? I could have ignored outside world a lot if i had unconditional love from my mother but she treats me like by being born as a man and being grown up like a sin. Please give advice why people are scamming into thinking world is a mean place.

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You should do something that gives you self-worth. A hobby or something like that. Maybe even get good at multiplayer games.

Once you have self-worth you won’t really care if people are cold to you, because you’ll be brimming with self-love. It’s also easier to make friends with that esteem.

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