My most off the rails post here ever

I gummed a grape this evening.

It was exciting.

That’s all. As you were.


That’s quite shocking. I’ll alert the media. I think you should have put a trigger warning.


lmao, you’re too funny


I was saving that for my dish of lime, sugar-free Jello I’m having for breakfast.


@velociraptor. Are you waiting for teeth? I think I missed something.

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Yuppers, it’s been quite the wait. Started having remaining teeth extracted on July 6th. Was supposed to have my upper plate on the 13th, but a lab tech dropped my impressions. Didn’t bother telling the dentist until after that so I had to have new impressions made on the 18th of July. Lab finally came through on the 27th of July, but I wasn’t healed up enough on the bottom to fit the bottom plate, only got the top. I had a massive infection that caused my tongue and bottom gum to swell and the stitches ripped out of my gum. So… Two more weeks of healing (three days of IV antibiotics as well). My bottom gum is feeling okay now aside from one bone spur, think they’ll be able to fit the plate tomorrow.

So much for calling them IMMEDIATE dentures. My last solid meal was July 5th.


oh I am so sorry @velociraptor that really sucks…

I feel for you. I’m missing a lot of molars and have troyble chewing food properly. I almost choke each meal time. Right now there is a broken off molar mocking me. I need it pulled and others filled

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Had to be done. I had a couple of teeth abscess last Xmas and then couldn’t find a local dentist who would do the root canals because of my heart condition and the fact that I can’t go off of blood thinners. FINALLY found one who would do the work around March, which is when we got locked down for COVID. Over half a year with two killer toothaches where I felt like I had railroad spikes pounded into my jaw. A third tooth started to go and that was the deciding factor. I’ve battled with my teeth all of my life and that was The End for me. Decided to have the 15 teeth left removed.

That was my situation plus also missing the top two front teeth because a former dentist did bad work on them and they couldn’t be salvaged. I had a partial plate, but one of the teeth it anchored to kept blowing up so I couldn’t use it. I honestly think I’m going to have much better quality of life with the falsies.

The funny thing was dentists kept telling me how poor my quality of life will be with them. One said, “you can’t eat corn on the cob with dentures.” Me: “Uh, did you not notice from my X-ray that I have no front teeth? Can’t eat it now anyhow.” Pretty sure she was referring to her own quality of life as she would have lost all the filling and root canal income. Dirty beyotch of a dentist.

I don’t even eat corn on the cob now, either. I want a partial but my insurance only covers them once you no longer have 8 points of contact.

That’s so ridiculous. Trying to chew even small things with the front sucks because your mouth automatically pushes food backward. I always have to fight.

My partial was always problematic for eating, I mainly used it for aesthetics because you’re kind of left with severe Derp Face when you have no front teeth. I’m trying to be optimistic about the falsies.

The biggest deciding factor in ditching the rest of my teeth was that my cardiologist wanted them gone. Ongoing dental infections are bad juju when you have a congenital heart defect. Don’t need bacterial endocarditis eating a heart valve or three on me.

Yesterday’s fun was experimenting with Sea Bond Dental Adhesives. Amazing things. I bet NASA could have used them to stick tiles on the Space Shuttles.

REALLY hope you’re able to get your mouth issues resolved, I can definitely sympathize!!

Q: What’s 40 feet long and has 14 teeth?

A: The front row of a Willie Nelson concert.


Thanks. Glad yours are getting sorted out.

I learned about the heart connection with the abscesses I got.

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You made me remember when I had dental braces, all I ate had to pass in the blender or juicer.

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Or I had soup. 15

I’m so sorry. I’m glad you got a grape. Make smoothies, too.

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Chocolate pudding is yummy :yum:

The plunger got plugged in the toilet. After taquitos night dad’s girlfriend had to be rushed to the emergency room for a foreign body extraction. Insurance tried to pass it off as a preexisting condition. A long bitter legal battle ensued. The judge told her that she should understand how to handle things better.


Oh man. Are you losing a lot of weight? You must miss food terribly