My Most Interesting Hallucination

When i was taking a Summer course in Kansas University there was a restaurant called Drake’s Snack Shop. I peered in to look for the "snacks’ and was forced in by the waistress. Rather than say “Hey I didn’t know this was a restaurant. I don’t think I need to be a customer.” I ordered a lunch. I paid the bill and started to leave when I saw money on one of the tables. I had never dealt with the concept of a tip before as it was only the first time at a restaurant alone and sadly didn’t make an extra effort to leave a tip. Later my twin who was a waiter at a restaurant back home talked about remembering people who stiffed him for a tip and the realization of the wrong I had done hit me. Later when my voices began acutely they were persecutory and reminded me of the wrong i had done. So I walked into the same restaurant preparing to give a tip to cover both meals. There was a different waistress and the menu was different. When she presented the bill the old order that I had ordered before which was not on the menu was on the check or appeared to be. I also thought that i heard her say that she knew the girl who had served me before. So I overrtipped her. I know now that what I thought I saw and heard never happened and that the waitress more than likely kept the extra tip but sometimes I look back on that and wonder…

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My most interesting hallucination was when I was hallucinating different beautiful women, one after the other, and they would each turn into grotesque monsters before my eyes. I mean really, really gross monsters to the extreme. The last woman got into a fist fight with me and started punching me in the stomach in her monster form and the punches felt real! It really hurt! That’s when my partner called the police.