My most comment typo

Man I gotta do better to reread before I post. I always end up leaving out contractions.

In the super power post it’s supposed to read “these aren’t super powers” instead I said they are. Totally different meaning.

I’ve noticed that that happens a lot with me.

Couldn’t go back and edit.


I knew what you meant and I worded my post badly too. Super powers is a really bad word to use when describing such things.

Word choice is really important when talking to some people though…

Gone back a few times and seen I’ve missed a word or something and cringe that I can’t edit. But at least the boards not coved with that deleted comment unless flagged within 300 hours or just missing comments on a post that make no sense.

I usually proofread my posts because it’s possible to make some very crude, embarrassing slip-ups in words by misspelling them by one letter if you know what I mean. I cringe too when I think back to all my posts on the old forums before I had spell-check.

Like the title of this post I just noticed… Should say common. Instead it says comment… ■■■■

Kind of ironic guess I’ll leave it